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Jordan Blackburn

Posted by: jaynj

After the passing of his secret second Father, Jordan Blackburn, heir to his other father¡¯s large multi-million dollar company, decided to fight Edmonton¡¯s crime head on. So he went on a large shopping spree and spent every last dime on tomato paste, large furry imported dwarfs, unicorn meat, and a sweet leather suit with weird nipples on it. He then proceeded to watch all the Batman movies back to back to back to get amped up, but stopped at Batman & Robin cause that movie sucks.

In a stupor, and dazed from all the unicorn meat he ate, Jordan fell into a deep sleep. Startled by a honking horn, Jordan awoke to C-3PO in a Warthog Commando Jeep. C-3PO yelled at Jordan furiously to ¡°get into the ¡®Hog¡±. Learning once a long time ago, in a land far far away, to never argue with a droid, Jordan suited up and headed out with C-3PO at the helm and they traversed¡­ The Land of Podcasting!

C-3PO warned Jordan of a mystical fight going on between a ¡°soon to be¡± Podcaster and an Evil Podcaster. The shiny gold metal bot regaled Jordan with tales of the ¡°soon to be¡± Podcaster¡¯s good looks, lovely wife, and overall awesomeness. ¡°We must help this young dashing Podcaster defeat the Evil¡± Jordan cried out.

Jordan then went on to basically do everything: save this Podcaster (who¡¯s name, it turns out, was Jay), defeat the Evil Podcaster and find a way back to Edmonton. You can do a lot, when you have the power of Editing and Producing.

After this magical adventure, Jordan and Jay were inseparable. In fact, if you ever visit the Land of Podcasting, you notice they have a whole mountain side dedicated to their awesomeness. Also, candy. Lots and Lots of Candy. But no Unicorn Meat, that stuff will make you trip out.

Email: jordan@jaynj.ca
Twitter: http://twitter.com/thejblackburn
Google+: https://plus.google.com/107590387738893417926/

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