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Slider - Bill Eddins Interview

Jay n' J. -  Slider - Bill Eddins Interview

Slider - Bill Eddins Interview

We hope you enjoyed the Oscars this weekend! To celebrate Jay sat down with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra conductor Bill Eddins to talk about this Summer’s Two Orchestras Play the Music of John Williams. John Williams has been apart of many Oscar winning movies, and won many Oscars himself. So we thought it kind of made sense… right? It was an absolute honour to talk with Bill, and you can hear why in the interview. Bill can go from talking about the amazing work of John William’s in ET to the fun and ridiculousness of award shows. Listen in as Jay talks one on one with the super talented Bill Eddins.

And be sure to check out Two Orchestras Play the Music of John Williams on June 4th at the Winspear. Tickets available via winspearcentre.com. Then tell the guys what you thought of the episode by Tweeting them on Twitter or Messaging them on Google+, both with #JaynJ

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